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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Updated: May 22, 2021

Hello and thank you for being a part of my community. This will be the first of my monthly newsletters where you'll read my musings, my own personal 'Restorative Notions' or plainly put my Healing Thoughts.

My name is Adenike A. Harris. 

Daughter of Peter J. Harris and Phyllis Anne Taylor.

Granddaughter of June Puckett Harris and Rosemary Mathis Taylor.

Sister to Ayana Maia and Ketema Jawara.

I am a Woman's advocate and leader. 

I am a Woman's Empowerment Coach. 

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult rape at the hands of my ex-stepfather.  

I believe in Women's voices and self power.  

I believe women should have their own agency over their lives. It's their life to live and cultivate.  

I'm a college graduate, Master's Degree holder and Certified Integral Coach.

I am also a rejected 1st round PhD applicant, insecure, anxiety ridden, suffer from PTSD and occasional bouts of depression.  

I like my hair wild and curly, and sometimes wearing no make up.

I'm starting the journey of my 40s and have no clear plan.

I don't really understand social media or even how many, if anyone, will read this newsletter.

I am a recovering perfectionist and vulnerability dumper. 

I'm an ambivert who enjoys being home, doing things alone, small intimate gatherings and an occasional party where I dance till my feet hurt.

I no longer need to perform and behave like I’m the life of the party.

I’m an empath and other people used to drain me because I literally could ‘feel’ them.  

I've learned everyone doesn't deserve ALL of my story without earning it.  

I've learned to trust the silence.  

I've learned not to perform for other peoples comfort.

I make friends for life, not for moments.  

I dig deep never understanding shallow places, people and conversations.  

I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

I work consistently reprogramming my trauma brain and quieting my inner critic.

I remind myself, that I am a Black Woman and a Coach who is brave enough to tell you ALL of this.  

I am perfectly imperfect and I'm proud, powerful and totally in love with myself.

I'm not the Coach that has it all together nor do I pretend too. 

Yet, I am the Coach who is a few steps ahead of you.  

I believe I am able to lead you away from a mindset or experience that has held you back.  

I'm able to let you know you're not alone.

I've been there before and there is light at the end of this.  

I am the Coach who will show you how to support yourself. 

All while letting you know I'm consistently working on me.

Lastly, If you've made it this far, again I say WELCOME to my world. I'm a Black Woman who wants to serve Black Women. I want to let them know, "Sis, I am you and you are me." So come back again so we can work together. Join my Restorative Notions Family and see what sacred spaces I've curated.


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Jun 17, 2021

I have known you for years and have always admired your “Voice.”

Adenike Harris
Adenike Harris
Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much!!!


Beautiful Sistah / Daughter I am so proud of you.


Exposing vulnerabilities and personal pain with honest expression takes courage. Expressing them out loud to the world is on another level all together. Opening your heart and soul and sharing shows, not only your strength, but wisdom as well. Peace. Bryan

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