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Color Stain


As a coach, facilitator and speaker I’m passionate about helping clients and guiding them into their personal agency and power. I work diligently to develop personal, open and transparent client relationships. What they say about my services is incredibly important to me.


The testimonials below are from real client experiences shared with their approval. Client images and complete names are adjusted for client privacy. Please get in touch with me today.

Yolanda H. 

“Adenike's Workshop gave me so much food for thought. Adenike created a nurturing, open environment and it was so great to share space and explore growth and self-care with other women. She posed thoughtful questions that I pondered well after the workshop”.
Color Stain
Pink Notebook

B. Jones


Theater Director

“Working with Adenike has changed my life, by helping me to accept and love myself as never before. I have gone to various therapists and attempted a number of exercises to help me live a better life, but nothing compares. Adenike surpassed all prior work I'd done because she helped me to accept my 'flaws' and showed me that I have always been beautiful- inside and out. I now understand that loving oneself is the cornerstone to true happiness and fulfillment, and it starts with me. I will be forever grateful for my time working with Adenike. Thank you for giving me so much joy!”



Chris F.


Interactive Designer

"I feel very fortunate to have found someone that is so in-tuned with their clients. I spoke with several people before I found Adenike but none of them took the time to truly understand me as a person. She took the time to understand the root causes of the problems I was facing and helped me navigate the underlying issues so that I could begin to recognize patterns in my behavior and thought process. I was truly in a time of need, job searching and all, and it was through the practice with Adenike that I began to find self-confidence and hear my inner voice for the first time in my life. Her professionalism is a rare find in the city of Los Angeles and she is willing to meet with you outside of an office space (if needed) while offering flexible scheduling. She follows up before every appointment and takes the time to send personalized resources (podcasts, books, and documentaries) to aid the process. I always felt comfortable expressing my deepest feelings and emotions that I had been suppressing for so many years which forged the healing process. Thank you Adenike for being a guiding light...for me and for so many others. Please continue to share your gifts of healing with the next person that is lucky enough to find you."

Business Meeting

Acar N.



“Her workshop was designed to teach the teens the fundamentals in creating healthy relationships; family, peers, and dating relationships with an emphasis on respecting yourself and bridging the gap between genders. Adenike relates well to children and teens, not only befriending them, but acting as a teacher, guiding them to a better future.”

Tori P. 

“Working with Adenike over the years has been a motivating experience. She has not only assisted in managing my fears and anxiety but has helped me to learn the skills to thrive socially, emotionally, and even romantically”.
Color Stain
Artist Sketching

P. Taylor



“I've found having someone as intuitive as my WholeLiving Coach, Adenike Harris, supporting me through this growth process, encouraged me to have deeper conversations with myself, to recover my own voice and to remain consistent and persistent in repeating the habits learned, in order to gain the discipline necessary for sustained changes and the creating of new patterns.”

Architecture Model Sketching

Aylin N.



“Before her, it was hard for me to relate...Adenike was the complete opposite. From the moment I met her, I felt an instant connection...She became someone that I could depend on...She was so creative with all of the activities that were scheduled...Adenike was probably one of the few influential people in my life: she was a friend, a mentor, someone that I could trust, and a role model...She definitely played a key role in who I have become today.”

Balancing Stones

Noni K.


Holistic Practitioner

“Adenike has shown to be a true testament to all that have experienced life’s challenges...I have grown to appreciate Adenike's knowledge, and skill to effectively communicate with people of all ages. I have had the unique pleasure of observing Adenike’s professional growth over time. She has proven to be both committed and eager to contribute her incomparable skills to educating and empowering, teens and young adults."

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