About Adenike Harris

Starting at age 14 I began keeping secrets and telling lies. Not just the little ones like 'yes mom I ate candy before dinner', but the kind that restructure your emotional DNA. I was insecure because I always thought someone would find out the secret I was holding and my whole world would be shattered. 


I was afraid my mother would be hurt, my father would retaliate, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone. So, I kept lying thinking I was protecting them. At the age of 23 I disclosed the sexual abuse I was enduring at the hands of my ex-stepfather. I wanted to live my authentic life without fear, so I told the truth, and the walls of lies I hid behind began crumbling down.


But I was still standing.


In telling my truth, I reclaimed my voice and was able to take charge of the direction I wanted my life to go.


I began using my voice in my daily life, my relationships, my writing, and my public speaking.  Reclaiming my voice changed my life and career in such a profound way.  Countless opportunities to use my voice began to surface and I started teaching workshops, being a guest on multiple podcasts, and starting my own. In September, 2018, at 38 years old,  I stood on a TEDx stage next to my biological non-abusive father and shared with the world how we took charge of our healing.


This talk has since reached nearly 60-thousand people around the world.


I now work with Women of Color who have long held the burdens of  family, culture and career on their shoulders, to discover their own truths and use their voice to cultivate resilience, agency and personal power. 


You might be asking "What makes you qualified to help me reclaim my voice?"


Well, I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary's University, my Master’s in Women's Studies from Georgia State University and I earned a Professional Coaching Certification from New Venture's West.  My Professional Coaching Certification is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). In addition to degrees and certifications, I have true lived experiences as a child sexual abuse survivor,Woman of Color, sister, daughter, auntie and friend. 


I stand for women.


I stand for truth, agency and personal power.


Los Angeles, CA

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