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Woman leaned up against wooden ping pong table, relaxed and smiling.

Photo Credit: Ser Baffo

At Restorative Notions Coaching, we believe in the power of reclaiming your voice and rewriting your story. Our founder, Adenike, is a survivor and a thriver. She understands the journey of overcoming adversity and finding the strength to speak your truth. Adenike is a certified professional coach with a solid foundation in Psychology and Women's Studies.


She has been a guest on numerous podcasts, co-hosts the 'Conversating w/Popsn'Ade' podcast, and her TEDx talk has inspired up to 300,000 viewers worldwide.

Adenike's mission is to stand for women and to guide them in embracing their power and authenticity. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she brings a deep understanding and empathy to her coaching practice. Her approach empowers women to release burdens, discover truths, and cultivate resilience, agency, and self-love.

With a BS in Psychology from a leading university, an MA in Women's Studies, and a Professional Coaching Certification, Adenike offers a unique blend of academic knowledge and real-life experiences. She stands ready to support you on your journey to reclaim your voice and rewrite your narrative with confidence and strength.

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