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When everything crashes...

It's been a long time since I've sat at this computer to share my thoughts and write my words. I've been in the thick of it. Moving to Atlanta hasn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped. I've been sitting at multiple crossroads, asking myself did I discern my faith correctly? Did I make the correct decision to leave the comfort of Martha's Vineyard? The safety of being in a family home and the security of a low-paying job but a job nonetheless.

Well, let me bring you all up to date. June through September in Atlanta took my breath away. I was reconnecting with friends and even spent my 42nd birthday with my mother, sister, and youngest nephew in Savannah. I went to concerts, enjoyed festivals, and networked my behind-off applying to jobs, being coached by mentors and deeply intuned with the mission I set aside for myself. My plan to be financially successful started with getting an in-the meantime job to help me get an apartment. My coaching business was going to generate income with individual clients and online courses, and I even had the goal of an in-person workshop. I was being joyfully and wonderfully me, and doing what I wanted to do brought innate joy to my molecules. I was deep in it.

I saw a friend from LA when she came out for work and met new and unique women to add to my support system. It was the beginning of the re-emergence I believed was happening after a long cocoon phase. But by mid-September, the no's and rejections began to outweigh the connections. All of the networking and informational interviews were just that, informative. I received no job offers, the network grew slower, and I was at my first Atlanta crossroad, retreating into the cacoon and asking my Aunt if I could return to the Vineyard or Trust the Process.

As I pondered which path to take, a little sun peaked its head out, and I was offered a part-time job, and I began to understand how to bring in money by driving Uber Eats. So I decided, let's buckle down. Refocus and get back on the horse. That week I decided to go into tunnel vision mode with weekly and monthly goals for November and December.....CRASH! LITERALLY! I was in my first major car accident when a woman ran a stop sign and almost T-boned me. Thank God I took the extra beat at my stop sign that somehow only the front of my car was hit as she sped past me.

When the New Year came, I thought thoroughly about 2022, what I accomplished, and what joys I cultivated amid the storms, chaos, and transitions. My injuries are healing, but every time I look at the scar on my arm, I am reminded I survived a literal crash but have I survived all the minor crashes and disappointments that have come my way? Am I stepping forward into my power and remembering my gratitude for life?

Today I am happy to report I have two positions that may be temporary, but they are opening up doors for more permanent opportunities. I was approved to rent an apartment, and despite knowing I was starting from scratch with building my home, I realized I had made the best decision to move off the island and restart. I'm genuinely in the process and not retreating. God's not done with me yet.

So 2023 is here. Look for my Monthly blog again! There is so much more to share, and I miss yall! Thank you for being on this journey of mine! Maybe I'll start sharing about dating as a 42-year-old! I got PLENTY of stories, but they all start first with loving and liking myself.

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