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It's me again...This is a prequel

HELLO THERE! Oh man, it's been one hell of a YEAR! I honestly don't even know what to say. My last blog was Jan 2023 after my car accident, and honestly yall...Ya, girl just took a break. I was living, letting life unfold. So much to tell you but this message is just a quick hello and also a heads-up to something I have scheduled to come out today around noon.

I'm rebranding as they say. I've been asking myself a lot of questions about my mark on this world and how I can be of deeper service. Those new offerings are coming soon. My website has had a little bit of a makeover, if you haven't been over there go check it out. I'm also beginning to write again. My creativity needed a jumpstart. I've been sharing a little bit about the last 8 months on my Instagram page, but for those of you not on social media I'll come back here and share my words and stories with you more diligently. Most of you know of my father's hospitalization and subsequent diagnosis, which took a lot out of me and him. I think my desire to write was tied up in my grieving process. More on that later.

At noonish...Easter 2024 I have a post coming out. It might be a tough read so this prequel message is to let you know. Part of the area I want to be of service is to other survivors. To share more of my journey, not just the pain but the joys I began to cultivate as well. But tomorrow is my 21-year survivorversary as I like to call it. In the spirit of Sankofa ~To learn from the past to build the future~ I'm sharing some of the details that I never had before, to give context for other survivors to know where I've come from as I prepare for where I am and where I'm going.

I recommend reading the first part first, and I have a disclaimer where you might want to stop if you're not able to. It's okay to skip if you need to. I'm so thankful for each of you who read my words and have been a part of my healing journey.

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Dearest Adenike,

Congratulations on receiving your Master's Degree and on your successful coaching business. I also thank you for your courage, strength and resilience to share your story, heal and help others to do the same. You are a remarkable being! I will pray for you and for your Pops who is also remarkably masterful and who has blessed many with his powerful writing. I send you both BIG LOVE and hugs as you continue on your journey. Keep rising and illuminating!

~Sis Isoke


Thank you so much! We both appreciate you. It’s been one heck of a journey full of ups and downs, but I couldn’t be happier with this life of mine. I’ll let dad know you give hugs when I talk to him. 💛🤗

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