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10 Truths from 2021

I've missed you all. The replies I get from you when I post are so encouraging, funny, and confirming. Thank you for being a part of my blog journey thus far! 2022 is here and I've been thinking about what lessons I learned from 2021.

Initially, I was going to focus on something extra deep and profound but then I decided to take a page from one of my personal coaches Cara Jones and identify 10 truths from 2021. Cara taught me how simply completing the statement: The truth is...unearths your most authentic voice.

So I thought about 2021 and here are my 10 truths.

  1. The truth is 2021 didn't yield one goal I set. Not due to lack of work on my part but due to the challenges within this thing called life.

  2. The truth is I've gotten more secure in who I am this year and what I want to accomplish, be and create.

  3. The truth is I've made a major pivot towards my purpose and I'm still unsure if it is truly what I've been called to do. I have this nudging in the back of my mind that is pulling me towards this particular path, but because it is not clearly defined, I struggle with uncertainty, insecurities, and confidence surrounding my decision to follow through with this pivot/change.

  4. The truth is I am walking in tenderness, existing in kindness, and attracting adoration.

  5. The truth is I've set some hard boundaries. There is a no-tolerance zone for disrespect, bullying, and bullshit. My boundaries do not accept past negative behavior as "oh this is just how it/I am". My boundaries call for accountability.

  6. The truth is my voice is powerful and 2021 made it stronger. My body tells me when I have not used my voice in it's most vicseral way.

  7. The truth is I've been in a state of grief and PTSD for 4 months. Losing my uncles and witnessing an accident has generated a mindset of valuing time, peace, and safety that I was never aware of.

  8. The truth is I've surrendered my future, and released trying to control everything. Surrendering to challenges and allowing the outcome to be whatever it's going to be has helped me reprogram my mind and taught me how to react differently to disappointment or difficulties. This act of surrender has helped me enjoy the smallest moments, seeing the joy in things that I would have usually looked over.

  9. The truth is I'm living in so much gratitude and appreciation, that whenever anxiety tries to creep in I'm able to address it, feel it and not allow it to create overwhelm.

  10. The truth is 2020 & 2021 taught me more about myself, my capabilities in solitude, my desires, choices, and how to rest than any other previous year.

The truth is I have more than 10 takeaways from the year 2021, but you'd be reading forever. So in year 2 of this global pandemic, I encourage you to identify your own truths. Some may be hard to acknowledge, some may confirm what you need to do for yourself as we move further into this year.

So use the prompt for yourself:

The Truth Is.....

And see what happens.

May you join the Nap Ministry Revolution, and rest more this year. Prioritize the things, people, and circumstances that bring you joy, peace and increase your personal happiness.

I'm looking forward to 2022. More writing, more stories, more progress, more love, more travel, and more gratitude.

Until next time,

Be Easy

Be Kind to yourself & others.

Oh and a simple reminder for whoever needs to hear it...


That's a complete sentence.

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