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When was the last time you walked outside barefoot in the grass?

When was the last time you took a blanket and sat on the ground at a park or in your own backyard?

The first time in a long time for me, was back in April. The air was crisp but I was so warm after my 3 mile walk/run. Yea, sometimes I might jog in the middle of my walk and tap into the old athlete in me, but I digress. :)

I realized the seasons were changing and the sun was beaming making the ground incredibly warm. So I did what every child of two 'earthy crunchy' parents would do. I took my shoes and socks off and let the sharp blades of grass bend under the soles of my feet. I walked around and felt the energy of the earth. I decided I wanted the warmth my feet felt all over me so I laid down. I sprawled out like a star, then rolled onto my stomach placing my face in my hands so the sun beams could permeate my skin. For the first time since the cold winter I felt the full heat of the sun on my face. I felt more connected to my body. I was inspired to write the following poem as a tribute to the experience.


Feeling the earth under my feet.

I wanted my whole body to feel the sacred.

The energy.

The sun.

Feet first, no socks, no shoes, 71 degrees after the snowy winter.

I feel home.

Grandmother opening wardrobe doors, letting me know she's with me.

Making me acknowledge her.

Laying on the ground, feeling the pulse of God's creation.


Dancing in the sun.

Afro Beat drums in my earbuds bass.

DC Go-Go rhythm taking me to my teenage years.

Beyonce and Reggae rhythm and pulse-moving my hips to the beat.

Missing a couple and laughing at myself.

Looking at water.

Smelling fresh crisp air, seeing the birds in the trees,

Flowers beginning to say hello.

I am free.

Self-timer on my phone to capture this connection.

Reminding myself what FREE feels like.

What connection feels like-despite the unknown.

After that day the cold came back and I haven't really grounded myself outside again. But as the Summer Solstice comes in a few days I intend on going back to the freedom I felt on that crisp April afternoon. I plan on absorbing all the energy from the Earth my body needs. I will practice grounding in a more intentional way even if outside isn't cooperating. Because you see, the lesson I learned that day in April was freedom, connection and joy felt good.

Let me know if you'll join me.

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Jun 16, 2021

This is Rhonda

Adenike Harris
Adenike Harris
Feb 19, 2022
Replying to

Hi Rhonda I'm good thank you. Thank you for engaging with my blog. :)


Jun 16, 2021

How have you been doing?


Jun 16, 2021

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