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'Through the Transitions!' 

Women’s in-person Group Workshop 
Adenike A. Harris



September 2022!!!!

In Person

Atlanta, GA

Restorative Notions Coaching presents


Through The Transitions

You in it? I’m in it. 

Let’s go from defeat to champion!

Let’s go through transitions with strength! 

Let’s build a loving community of support accountability and success!


‘Through The Transitions’  is an in-person group workshop being held in Atlanta, GA.

Through the Transitions will help you strengthen your personal joy, develop the ability to find peace in the middle of chaos, and begin finding your most authentic self.


This is a one-day in-person workshop being held in Atlanta, GA.  More details coming soon!  


Reserve your spot now!

Yolanda says: 

“Adenike's Workshop gave me so much food for thought. Adenike created a nurturing, open environment and it was so great to share space and explore growth and self-care with other women. She posed thoughtful questions that I pondered well after the workshop”.

Toriana says:

“Working with Adenike over the years has been a motivating experience. She has not only assisted in managing my fears and anxiety but has helped me to learn the skills to thrive socially, emotionally, and even romantically”.

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