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Taking the First Step

Updated: May 22, 2021

Sometimes the only way to start something is to take the first step. Sounds obvious huh? But how many of us KNOW we have to take the first step but don't do it? How many of us are delighted to give others this obvious nugget of brilliance but we're still exactly where we are. No steps forward. No steps backwards. Just stagnant. Just standing still? Well I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. I've been so good at giving others supportive encouragement that I forget myself. I forget to encourage myself to take the first step. Everything you want out of life is in front of you, and comes from walking forward. I'm currently on this journey where I feel completely blind. I don't feel off course I believe the course is for me, created for me, yet I have no clue where it's going or what it looks like.

Imagine: You're in the woods, and you know you're on a path but everything in front of you is pitch black!! Everything except the small radius of light that your pinhole flashlight shows you. Behind you is completely illuminated! Shining bright/or dull depending on your past experiences.

You now have two choices:

1- stand where you are and hope the battery in your flashlight keeps illuminating that small area in front of you, because staying there means you're safe and comfortable. You can see everything you can in front of you. Turn left or right with the flashlight and you can see beside you. Turning around you can see where you came from and that's familiar, whether it was good or bad, you know it and you're safe and comfy.

OR 2-you can begin walking forward. Taking the first step. You walk into the pinhole sized circle in front of you, and keep walking. Every step will light up something else in front of you. You'll have NO CLUE what it is, but you'll be moving. Moving away from what's comfortable, and into possibilities, into challenges, but inspirations! You're no longer stagnant, settled and "safe".

So today I'm taking my first step. Walking into my own pinhole of light in front of me, without the expectation of what's next. My hope is that eventually my flashlight will miraculously turn into a spotlight or even the sun and light the whole way for me, but for now...I'm just going to put one foot in front of the other and see where this path takes me. I hope you come a long for the journey, being a part of mine and maybe even sharing yours with me. Lets grow together.

Love and Light~

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Phyllis A Taylor
Phyllis A Taylor
27 Ιαν 2019

You don't need to see the whole staircase, just enough light for the step you're on........

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